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Kenny Zhang
Multidisciplinary designer based in NYC/LA
Currently at 2x4

Controlled Spontaneity

Book Design, Extensive Research, Installation

Linking concepts together from seemingly different domains is one of the greatest ways to train our minds to adapt and stay on their toes. A group of writers and mathematicians formed Oulipo to free literature using constrained writing techniques.

Controlled Spontaneity examines how the works in the tradition of Oulipo and computer-generated literature share the same traits of constraints and potentialities and explores how the rules can stimulate our spontaneous creativity.

︎︎︎Selected Spreads
︎︎︎As this project topic is about the word ”constraint,” I use the grid system as my design constraint and play the typography and images layout within the grid constraint, but also as a typography system.

︎︎︎Photo shoot


︎︎︎The installation, as a transmedia component of the book Controlled Spontaneity, explores the intersection between works in the tradition of Oulipo and computer-generated poems and the transformation of poems from print-based to spatial media.


︎︎︎Promotional Posters

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