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Kenny Zhang
Multidisciplinary designer based in NYC/LA
Currently at 2x4


Brand Identity, Web Design

Nowadays, we tend to overlook the relationship between us and nature. We see a lot of concrete buildings everyday in the metropolis, but feel no connection with them.  

While is a special exhibition by the artist Shira Barzilay held in the Teshima Art Museum. While aims to leverage the features of the Teshima Art Museum with Shira’s elegant line works to harmonize nature, architecture, art, and humans, and to create a space where we can feel united with nature, to again sense the joy of life on earth.

︎︎︎Logo Animation 

︎︎︎Outdoor Banner 

︎︎︎The visual language embraces the concept of minimalism, which emphasizes the style of the two collaborators, Teshima Art Museum and the artist Shira Barzilay.


︎︎︎The strings are as brushes; conveying an emotional state in just a few lines.
Here, people can enjoy the moment, share rare joy, and to harmonize with nature, architecture, art, and humans.

︎︎︎Brand Swag

︎︎︎Social Media


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