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Kenny Zhang
Multidisciplinary designer based in NYC/LA
Currently at 2x4

SOMA: Space, Observation, Mapping, Action

MFA Thesis, Installation, Generative Design, Book Design  

Experiential Graphic Design and Post-digital Psychogeography

Advancements in technology complicate our relationship with the urban environment. They reshape social interactions, remap geographic representation, and reframe spatial experience. Against the backdrop of a post-digital society, how can emerging practices in experiential graphic design help us navigate space and negotiate social interactions in the urban environment?

︎︎︎Documentation Video

I create a multidimensional installation as the primary outcome for my thesis, it applies the techniques of psychogeography to interpret the city from alternate perspectives using emerging tools and media.



︎︎︎Process Book
The process book documents my thesis journey, from research, explorations, and the process of my project

The texture and text of the inside cover are generated by creative coding and point cloud, and my thesis logo shows on the inside spine.

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