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Kenny Zhang
Multidisciplinary designer based in NYC/LA
Currently at 2x4

Brand Identity, Business Strategy, Web Design
Environmental Design

Special Thanks to:
Gerardo Herrera

e-flux organizes a wide range of symposia, screenings, and performances, with e-flux’s international collaborators, many of which are live-streamed and archived on e-flux Live. The visual language and graphic elements for e-flux live are created by creative coding. It aims to develop a dynamic visual system across multi-media forms.

︎︎︎The film introduces the UNKNOWNEST festival using pulse graphics with bold colors and strong typefaces to convey the brand's loud and vibrant tone to the audience.

︎︎︎Brand Posters & Advertising Campaign 

︎︎︎The UNKNOWNEST advertising campaign, as a pre-awareness to the public.


“UN” glass-free 3d sculpture︎︎︎
An iconic UNKNOWNEST art installation.

Interactive synthesizer drum wall (left)︎︎︎
Interacting with it by pressing different color of buttons to create various sound effects.

Interactive DJ sets (right)︎︎︎
Creating digital arts by playing the DJ sets

︎︎︎Social media

︎︎︎Brand swag

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